Wedding Decorations and Lighting

Yes, we know, you have no idea what those flowers are called, or in what color you want the lighting. Let us help you choose and make sure that you get what you want within your budget.

Wedding Organizations

Do you want to enjoy your day and have fun with your loved ones without having to worry about everything? Our team offers you planning and organizing of the entire event, including a protocol on the day of the event.


Flower arrangements can be made out of silk flowers or natural flowers, with or without other accessories and in every color and size. Flowers can be arranged in vases in shapes and sizes upon your own preferences.


Wedding bouquets depend on your wishes and can be made in the color and type of flowers that you desire. Shape and size also depend on your wishes.


For the foyer where the reception is held we can offer you different types of flower walls, as well as flower stands and flower arches.


Decorations of the restaurant include decorations of the main table (flower arrangements made out of silk or natural flowers, decorating of the frontal part of the table, candle stands etc), decoration of the guest tables (chair covers, chair bows, flower arrangements, candle stands, table runners, napkins, cutlery set holders), entry pathways (flower stands, candles, fireworks).


Entry decorations, room decorations and outdoors decoration (yard or terrace).


Lighting of the entire room, fog machine and bubble machine. Light show. Lighting of rooms with the capacity of 500 guests.


Wedding Decorations






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We hope that you will enjoy our gallery of wedding decorations as much as we did enjoy creating them. They were made with love and honest craftsmanship.

Wedding Facts

In Holland, pine trees are planted in front of the newlywed’s home as a symbol of fertility and luck.