About us

Ava Atelier

About us

Ava Atelier is a company specialized in planning, decorations and professional lighting for weddings and all kind of events. We are established in 2000, and today we supply a range of decorating products and materials so that we can fulfill your requests and achieve the effect you want. Our team will help you choose your decorating theme and plan every detail carefully. Our services include planning, organizing, decorating of the room, home decorations, decorating the vehicle, church decorations and professional lighting of the room. Also, we can offer you full protocol by our team on the day of your wedding.


Not so long ago, we have included a new service, which is flower delivery. If you want to surprise your loved one, contact us and we can guarantee a fast delivery in the right place at the right time and the best service possible.


We love planning and decorating for your weddings and events. We can help you achieve your unique dream look for the biggest day of your life.


To us, the style is as important as it is to you. We want to decorate the event in such way that It reflects your personalities.


It’s a day that you will always look back to and smile. Let’s make the most of it by creating the perfect scenery.

Snezhana Trajkovic

Snezana is the founder of Ava Atelier with years of experience in decorating and organization of events. Her creativity allows her to make each event special and different from the one before

Her resourcefulness allows her to do a great job in stressful situations, which makes her the best organizer of events such as weddings. In 2009 she expands the list of services that she offers with the equipment for professional lighting and she manages to respond to clients’ requests for “having everything you need in just one place”. This year, her company created the flower shop and flower delivery in the entire country.